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Anthony Trudeau

Last Friday I encountered a problem resuming from sleep with my brand new Surface Pro 2. Of course this happened as I was getting everything ready to leave and catch a flight.

I had just put the Surface to sleep and realized I needed to get some information first. I tried to resume and nothing. After some basic troubleshooting I called Microsoft technical support.

Their technical support walked me through a few things including holding the power button down for longer then is normal to hard reset it. However, the magic tip was how to simulate the battery being removed.

To simulate the battery being removed and reinserted you hold down the Power and Volume Up buttons. And then release the Power button once you see the Surface logo. You go into a hardware setup screen. You exit from there and your Surface will restart as normal.

Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013 2:03 PM hardware | Back to top

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