In there near future I plan on putting out a few posts based on my experience customizing process templates and process guidance for Team Foundation Server.  What I am finding is that the documentation and available books fall short in this area.  They tell you how to setup the product, but customizing it is an infinite black abyss.

As I am currently digging into the process guidance itself it is turning out to be a maze of XML and XSL files which are require some serious explanation.  Calling their hierarchy is unclear would be putting it kindly.  I am sure that they were created in a way that makes sense to the development team but they are a nightmare to maintain for anyone else.

I plan to post on both topics in an attempt to make them more clear for myself and other.  Stay tuned.


Ok! So maybe this was a little harsh and I probably tired and frustrated.  I still stick by the idea that this setup is hard to maintain, but it is not without any guidance.  As I was continuing to try to decipher this product I went back to some of my resources that I had forgotten about.  Mainly a MSDN document describing Customizing MSF Process Guidance.

I still plan to post on this subject to make it easier to understand, but I might be a little slower to judge.