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The other day I asked one of the guys on our team to review some of the BizTalk maps in a migrated BizTalk project.  I wanted him to take a look through some complicated maps and identify any inline scripting functoids which we may want to refactor.

My issue with the use of some inline scripting functoids is that often they pose a risk because developers sometimes put quite complex logic in them and then do not sufficiently test the map.  My preferred approach in such situations is to call an external assembly where the logic can be tested with unit tests in the normal C# way using NUnit or MsTest.  It is also much easier to ensure the code is fully covered.

Anyway Glen set about this task but actually came up with a tool to make this a much easier thing to do.

He has published the tool on CodePlex at the following link:

Basically this tool will allow you to point at a directory and then search recursively for all scripting functoids within any maps inside that directory.  It will give you a list of what types of scripting have been used.

If you have inline script you can double click on the view in his application to get a quick view of the script.

This tool is very useful when you want to review the maps in a project or evaluate some maps you have inherited.


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