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Clerks 2 Review

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 4:40 AM

So I took my wife to see Clerks 2 yesterday. Now, I know what most of you are thinking: you took your WIFE to see this movie? But its ok, she's kewl like that.

Also, we went in without any expectations. I've never seen the first Clerks, although I have seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (J&SB_SB), and my wife had no idea other than the previews of the film.

I'd be curious to know the actual not-swear to swear ratio of this film, because I don't think there was one scene in this movie that didn't drop an f*bomb or the like...which was similar to J&SB_SB. Most of it was just whatever though...I'd heard worse at high school...or maybe its because the movie reminded me of high school...anyway...

The best character of the movie by far was the Christian kid that works with the two clerk guys at the fast food joint. This kid was CLASSIC stereotype, but it was funny. He loves Lord of the Rings, there was the excitement about the live action Transformers movie, and how Transformers weren't blasphemous because they did a flow chart at Bible camp explaining it...classic. But the best, the BEST, was Pillow Pants.

Yes, Pillow Pants. You see, most kids wouldn't have premarital sex if they realized the existence of trolls that live inside of female bodies. These trolls of celibacy guard the realm until said female is 21, and then they leave hoping that they've done their job and that said female will continue her virtuous path.
Check out the explanation from the film here.

The donkey scene was thankfully more inuendo than actual visual.

So how does it rate?
Secular Scale (for all you heathens out there): 4 outta 5
Christian Scale (or, would you take your pastor to see it): 0 outta 5
First date movie: depends on which of the above two you prescribe to

And the best line of the movie: “There was only one return, and it was of the Jedi” True that, true that.



# re: Clerks 2 Review

Oh, and I guess you're one of those guys who argues about wether Han or Greedo shot first and how it changed in the updated edition of the movie......

One Ring Baby, One Ring 8/8/2006 1:31 PM | Rob Windsor

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