April 2015 Entries

BIDS Helper 1.7.0 released
A few days ago the BIDS Helper team released of v1.7.0 which you can download from here: https://bidshelper.codeplex... This version comes with a few bug fixes, and some new functionality, but the most significant enhancements are to the BIML Engine thanks to our friends at Varigence. I’ve copied and pasted the release notes below. Note that there are some possible breaking changes in the new BIML Engine, so if you have existing BIML script please read this section carefully. ====== Release ......

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SSRS–adding a pipe delimited text export option in Sharepoint Integrated mode
We are currently looking decommission an old reporting portal based on another technology stack and replace it with SSRS running in Sharepoint integrated mode. However one of the requirements was to support a “pipe delimited” CSV export format. There are a number of posts you can find about changing reportserver.config when running SSRS in standalone mode, but I could not find much information about how to do this when running in Sharepoint Integrated mode. MSDN documentation lists the various cmdlets, ......

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