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Now this is quite a big deal for me.

I spend most of my time in the land of enterprise apps (as you know).   Most of the effort it with building the infrastructure to have someones device talk back to one of our servers.    I get wrapped up with issues, about connectivity/amount of bandwidth I’ve got and what happens if someone goes offline.     iCloud has been a walled garden up until this point.   Its great for syncing your photos/documents etc.   but its a closed system for us Enterprise folks.  Now I’ve got the ability to use iCloud to also host my enterprise data.   I can pump data into iCloud;  securely.   iOS takes care of the synchronisation for me.

So use case.   I can take a bunch of data, say a price catalogue and some tables to store quotes.   Pump that over to iCloud.    Then my mobile app.  can just auto-magically just see all that data.    I can quickly just build a UI to take customer orders and let iOS just do its thing to make sure all the data just synchronises.      All I have to worry about is getting the data in and out of the iCloud servers.     This is where the pretty comprehensive and secure (well it looks that way) new API comes in.

So you can do this now,   and thanks to some kind help on the Apple Developer Forums,     + I can do this all from (our own walled garden) from c#.

Announcement here


Code to follow

posted on Friday, February 12, 2016 1:41 AM